Stepping back into the dating game can be scary. We recently wrote about getting back into dating in your golden years and it got us thinking about why people may be reluctant to start dating again. Fear is a big reason that many mature singles stop before they’ve even really started. If you want some tips for overcoming online dating fears, read on…

Online dating has changed a lot over the years. Believe it or not, mature online dating sites like Just Senior Singles are quickly overtaking more generic sites in terms of popularity. This is because as you mature, you are more sure of what you want and less likely to play games.

Overcoming Online Dating Fears

If you’re thinking about joining but you’re feeling a bit anxious about it all, here are some things to remember.

Just Senior Singles Is Your Safety Net

Online dating used to be a free-for-all. You’d get messages from people of all ages, sometimes inappropriate. Many sites were not policed at all which made the experience fairly unpleasant at times. Today, things have changed a lot. Just Senior Singles has a dedicated customer care team and a moderation team who are responsible for making sure everyone you find on the site is genuine and acting in an appropriate way. In many ways, meeting online is actually a lot safer than meeting face-to-face.

We’re All In This Together

Remember that everyone you come across on Just Senior Singles is there for the same reason – to find a companion. Chances are, they are as nervous as you, even if they don’t let it show. Getting back into dating is never going to be easy and that is especially true as we get older. Remember, although what you see online is a photo and some writing, there is a real human behind that with their own vulnerabilities and fears.

Take It Slow

There’s no need to rush into anything. The beauty of online dating is it allows you to take your time and make sure you feel completely comfortable with someone before meeting them. If someone is pushing too hard, it’s easier to take a step back when you’re talking online rather than face-to-face. We even have a feature in place which allows you to block any future messages from someone if you wish to do so. Our customer care team are also at hand to help if you have any suspicions about another member.

Do you have any tips for overcoming online dating fears? Let us know in the comments section below.

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